As I think back to my childhood again, I try to think about all of the fun I had with Legos.  However, I don’t know if I had any Legos as a child.  So, instead I fast forward to each holiday I get to visit with my niece and notice how engaged she gets whenever she receives a new set of Legos.  I often hear that the attention span of 10 year olds is about 30 minutes and that as educators we should switch up our setting/activity/assignment around that time frame to accommodate their attention needs. However,  I have personally observed my 9 year old niece work for HOURS on a Lego set.  The engagement, determination & problem solving skills she demonstrates while building with her Legos is amazing!  Once she is finished, she always rushes out to show and explain her final product.  This is what we, as educators, want all of our students to feel like within our classrooms.  We want them engaged in their learning.  We want them to build important skills like problem solving, perseverance, and creativity.  Getting them to build with Legos accomplishes these goals.


In this episode I talk with two Lego in Education experts, Amanda Morris & Krista Rouse, about the benefits of using these fun little pieces within their learning environments.  Krista within the library setting and Amanda within her classroom talk about all of the benefits they have seen by bringing the power of play with Legos into their educational settings.  They share a lot of different ideas, so be sure to check out the show notes at the website mentioned below.


Episode Guests:

Krista Rouse - LMS - Blackhurst Elementary - @MsRouseInTheLIB


Amanda Morris - 3rd Grade teacher - Monroe Elementary - @msmorrislearns for the Show Notes.

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