In Episode 14, I have a one-on-one conversation with Krissy Venosdale.  We discuss the power of building resiliency within students and teachers.  Krissy asked a very simple question during her keynote at the METC Summer Institute, "Are you planting seeds or are you mowing down possibilities?" What a great question!  Krissy talks about the importance of letting go of control within your classroom.  Give students some voice and choice in their own learning.  We also discuss the idea that if students are getting things right on the first try, then they really aren't learning.  Everyone has struggles & successes.  This is true for all students, gifted students included.  This is true for teachers as well.  Leaders need to support their teachers through their failures.


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Episode's Guest:

Krissy Venosdale - Innovation Coordinator - Houston, TX 

~ Twitter - @krissyvenosdale   ~ Instagram - @krissyvenosdale  ~ Blog -

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