This is the METC podcast episode 15.  In this episode, I speak with 4 different participants attending the METC Summer Institute. These participants came from all over the state of Missouri.  We had one presenter and 3 attendees in this episode.   Listen to this podcast, as each participant shares out what they learned at this amazing summer event. Each of the guests are highlighted below.  If their Twitter handle is given, please connect with them.  Any resources mentioned in these interviews have also been listed and linked so you can click on them and check them out for yourself.

I want to thank all of you for listening to this podcast.  We greatly appreciate your support.  We hope that you continue to listen.  Please rate us on iTunes or Google Play. If you know of anyone or if you yourself would like to be on a future episode of the METC Podcast, please connect with me on Twitter @jleetechpercent or you can email me at


Episode’s Resources:







This Episode’s Guests:

Guest 1 - George Yates - Fulton Public Schools - @MrYatesFMS

Guest 2 - Emily Libbert - @emilylibbert

Guest 3 - Vicki Mikow - Fox School District - @giftededuc8or

Guest 4 - Jody Fox - 12 years middle & elementary science and gifted teacher

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