A little over a month ago, I had the privilege to attend a very unique conference, Podstock!  Podstock is an annual conference put on by ESSDECK.  Each July, teachers from all over the states come together in Wichita, KS for this experience.  So, if you are anything like me, you may be asking, “What is Podstock?”  According to ESSDECK’s Podstock website, “It’s a tech integration conference.  But it’s more than a conference. It’s learning. It’s conversation.  It’s family.”  After experiencing this three day event, I agree, it is definitely family!

So, while attending my first Podstock, I thought I would try to capture some of the participants thoughts on Podstock as well. I would like to thank each of my guests for sharing their thoughts and ideas!  I also want to thank the ESSDECK family for having us and making sure we were part of the family! If you haven’t been before, it is definitely something worth checking out!  When you get there, be sure to say hello to Kevin Honeycutt (@kevinhoneycutt),  Ginger Lewman (@GingerLewman), Katie Perez (@perezhasclass), Dr. Mike Cook and the rest of the ESSDECK family!!  They are good people!


Episode Guests: Be sure to follow each of them!!

David Hendershot - @HendershotDavid

Ariel Jankord - @MrsJankord

Whitney Burns - @BW_MrsB3

Suzanne Murray - @ArtsySuzanne

Lenell Puchalla - @LenellPuchalla

Rachel Stover - @rae_stover


Also check out Andre Daughty (@andredaughty)


Check out ESSDECK - essdeck.org

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