This past summer, METC partnered with the YMCA to bring a coding experience to students and teachers within our area.  The camp for students was called The Creative Coders Camp.  This camp took place in late July, Monday-Thursday from 8-12.  We had 10 students participant in our 1st annual camp.  The purpose of this camp was to engage students through play and coding.  Students had access to many different coding tools or some may call them "toys".  They spent their first couple days exploring each of the toys.  They researched the tool to learn more about them.  Then, on day 3 of the camp, students chose 1 tool to focus on and become "experts" on that particular tool.  They knew that their end goal was to teach teachers at the end of the week about their specific tool.  


The students did an amazing job!  They were so engaged and excited to learn how to code, it was incredible to watch.  Their interaction with the teachers was awesome too!  They really stepped up and enjoyed teaching others!  In this episode, Orlando Sharpe sits down with our Creative Coders and discusses their journey as a participant within the club.  These students shared some great ideas and offer some great perspective into why it is valuable to bring coding into classrooms to engage students!

Episode's Special Guest:

Orlando Sharpe - STEAM Program Director for YMCA Community Development - @Col_Furious

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