Last episode we heard from the students that participated in our Creative Coders Camp this past summer.  In this episode , we hear from a few of the teachers that participated in the event that ran concurrently, Creating Coders Camp.  We learn about what brought them to this new camp.  What they were able to get out of the camp and what goals they have for themselves as they started the new school year.  Many talked about how engaged the students were with the coding tools.  Even though it was a week during the summer (with beautiful weather I might add), the students participating within the Creative Coders Camp were very engaged within the coding tools and learning SO much more than just coding!  Others also loved the space.  Shoutout to Amber Bell-Christian at UMSL’s EdCollabitat for allowing us into your amazing space!  


Both Creative Coders & Creating Coders had access to many different coding resources.  All of them are listed below.  The students explored on Monday & Tuesday.  Teachers came to observe their exploration on Wednesday and then got to explore on their own Wednesday afternoon.  On Thursday, the students taught our teacher participants how to use a particular tool.  We closed the camp with some time to create an action plan to think how they want to integrate coding into the classroom.


This Camp was an amazing event!  The students were AMAZING, the teachers were great and the space was wonderful!  I am excited to begin planning for next year’s camp!  If you were not able to attend, I would be on the lookout for this camp Summer 2018!


Episode’s Guests:

Section 1:

Aimee Valuck - 3rd Grade Teacher at Premier Charter School

Kelly Foushee - 5th Grade Teacher at Premier Charter School

Section 2:

Kaye Rueschhoff - Lindbergh School District - @kayerueschoff

Tarren Fritz - Lindbergh School District - @tarrenfritz


Section 3:

Lauren Tyler - 4th Grade at Premier Charter School

Eric North - High School Technology innovation - Hancock Place - @ehnorth86

Coding Resources Used for Creative Coders Camp & Creating Coders Camp

Ollie & Sphero

Dash & Dot


Raspberry Pi


Scratch & Scratch Jr.

CS First (Google)

TouchDevelop (Microsoft)

Swift (Apple)

LEGO Mindstorms & WeDo 2.0

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