In Episode 20 of the METC Podcast, I talk with Sophie Chambers who is a 2018 METC Spotlight Educator.  Sophie works for the Chillicothe School District.  Sophie shares her top tech tools she uses with her students.  While sharing information about each tool, Sophie shares how she uses each one within her classroom and how she ties it to content.  

We ran out of time for the complete list.  Be sure to tune into the next episode for the rest of her top tools list.  Below, you will locate information about each tool mentioned within the episode along with a link to that tools website.


Episode's Guest: 

Sophie Chambers - Chillicothe School District - Gifted Ed Teacher - Innovation Learning Coach - @atechiebookworm


Sophie's Top Tech Tools #1-6

  1. Mystery Skype -- connect globally with other classrooms, learn geography skills, can do other subjects too.  Use Google+ and Twitter to find partner teachers, problem solving, questioning, collaboration, etc.

  2. Podcasts -- There are so many great ones out there for students of all ages, teachers, and for your personal life. -- Mars Patel, Finn Caspian, Sesame St, Eleanor Amplified, But Why, Short & Curly, Serial, This American Life, 99% Invisible, Hardcore History, Adam Buxton, METC, Truth for Teachers, Real Teachers Real Answers, The Best Ideas in Ed

  3. ThingLink -- make interactive images with the freemium version, students can prove their learning, or teachers can make a lesson more engaging, embed info into images

  4. Seesaw -- free digital portfolios for all students of any age; I’m using it with K-8 currently and students and parents love it; could even be used in high school and beyond; I speak about all the different parts of this tool too; free version is great!

  5. Google Keep -- great way to give students Must Do, Can Do lists; share book list ideas with students; give kids To Do lists that you can both see and edit in real time; free with your Google account

  6. Padlet -- awesome discussion board tool for every voice in the room to be heard in a fast but meaningful way; also a good exit ticket strategy-- in youngest ages, don’t sign in, they can still comment but not reply to each other; in older ages, sign in and really collaborate together -- discuss a book or podcast, share six thinkings on a novel with SnapChat, PD book study


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