In Episode 21 of the METC Podcast, I continue my conversation with Sophie Chambers, a 2018 METC Spotlight Educator.  In this episode we hear the rest of Sophie's top tech tools.  The tools are listed below.  Be sure to connect with Sophie.


Episode's Guest: 

Sophie Chambers - Chillicothe School District - Gifted Ed Teacher - Innovation Learning Coach - @atechiebookworm


Sophie's Top Tech Tools #7-12


#7 -- Popplet -- Make online web organizers -- I’ve used this to diagram the types of quadrilaterals as well as the genres of writing/books -- good visual representation for organizing our knowledge.


#8 --  BreakoutEdu -- The best game to play when you want a meaningful class filler or to work on critical thinking, teamwork, collaboration, problem solving, etc. -- It is the game of 21st Century Learning Skills -- I also love the digital breakout options when you don’t have enough time to set up a whole game.


#9 -- Adobe Spark -- A great creation tool for your artists or for projects; free online or mobile graphic design studio; sign in with Google but if too young, sign in as teacher and share an account; create social graphics, web stories, and animated videos; I’ve used this with K-8 also and everyone loves it; I’ve even used it in Sunday School class to retell stories.


#10 -- Co-spaces -- Want free virtual reality? This is the tool. It is an easy VR tool that lets anyone create virtual reality experiences. Available on all devices and desktops. Still a bit basic and blocky but a good beginning tool when other funding isn’t available.


#11 -- Speech-to-Text -- Speech to text options in your Google apps are life changing for your language SpEd kiddos. If you’re not grading spelling or grammar, why make them type it all. Let them get their fantastic ideas out instead of struggling through letter by letter. Pick and choose when students are allowed to use this tool to improve their learning experience.


#12 -- Twitter -- If you’re a teacher who isn’t on Twitter yet, you are missing an entire world of free, fantastic PD at your fingertips. I can talk about how I got started and felt less overwhelmed with one more social media tool than I thought I would.


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