Within Episode 23 of the METC Podcast, I sit down with Kelly Oliva.  Kelly is a High School Librarian/media specialist.  She also is a 2018 METC Spotlight Educator!  She talks to us about being curious!  Kelly has read over 80 books this year! She shares the different resources she uses to get to that large number each year.  She also shares a few of the adventures she has been on as a result of her continued love for being curious!


It is our hope that this episode will spark your curiosity!  As you read new books, we hope you let your curiosity take on new adventures.  As you experience these adventures, feel free to share them on the METC Podcast Flipgrid page at flipgrid.com/metcpodcast.  We would love to hear all about it!


Episode’s Guest

Kelly Oliva - High School Librarian at Liberty High School in Wentzville, MO - @kellydoliva

Check out her blog at - plotdrivenlife.com


Episode’s Resources


Good Reads







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