In Episode 24 of the METC Podcast, we sit down with Shannon Steimel from the Lift for Life Academy in St. Louis, Missouri.  Shannon talks to us about the importance of leveraging community partnership within the school setting.  Shannon shares how she has been able to partner with some local start-ups and organizations to really create a win-win for all involved.  Shannon also shares the different ways she has been able to get funding for various projects within her school!  


She provides some great ideas and tips to get your project or idea funded and off the ground!  Check out the resources below and reach out to Shannon for additional questions!


Episode’s Special Guest: Shannon Steimel - @ShannonSteimel

Episode’s Resources:


1904 Labs:

Parkway Spark Program:

ITEF grant: Due Jan 31

Monsanto Fund grants:

Donor's Choose Match Offers:

Check out Shannon’s page on Donor's Choose to see some of the projects I've gotten funded:

2018 METC Conference - Pre-Conference Session:

Rae Hughart @RaeHughart is leading the Community Connections METC18 precon

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