In episode 26 of the METC Podcast, I talk with Bob Deneau of the Rockwood School District in St. Louis County Missouri.  We discuss the importance of having computer science & programming opportunities across the curriculum in K-12 education.  As the needs of a highly technical workforce continue to evolve, schools face the task of preparing students for this new future. At the center of innovation is automation, machine learning, cloud computer, artificial intelligence, and our app/web connected connected lives. Giving students the skills to thrive in this environment is paramount to their success. How are schools meeting these needs?

Bob and I talk about curriculum resources for both primary and secondary.  Bob shares some of the authentic student experiences he has been able to provide the students in his district.  We also talk about some of the challenges educators face in integrating computer science into curriculum, especially the core subjects.  

Be sure to connect with Bob to learn more about K-12 computer science! He will be a valuable resource!

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Episode’s Guest:

Robert Deneau - STEM Coordinator - Rockwood School District - @itechbob  


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South Central Google Mania - April 11 & 12 - Mountain View, MO - More Information & Register Here

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