In Episode 29 of the METC Podcast, I had the pleasure of sitting down with two very talented fifth grade students.  Danny and Ethan shared their current project with me.  They have spent their free time working on coding within Scratch a math review game for kindergarten and first graders.  Now this would be cool in and of itself, but these two took this activity a step further.  They have been able to repurpose a previously unused SMART table and turn it into a holographic, interactive tool meant to engage students in learning important content. 


After speaking with these two gentlemen, it was very clear that they used perseverance throughout the process to get this activity up and running.  They tested their idea at various scales prior to building their current version.  While talking with them, they were already talking about how they could make the whole experience better for their users.  Simply amazing!


Here is a link to their code within Scratch.  You can see that it is pretty sophisticated! 


Thank you to their innovation class teacher, Andy Wall for providing the time to sit with these two students.  I also would like to give their classroom teacher, Amy Maledy for allowing these students to explore their passion!


I encourage each of you to visit the Flipgrid space for this episode.  We recorded with their project in view to help give you the viewer a better understanding of what they have accomplished.  Share your thoughts and ideas.

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