Within this episode of the METC Podcast, I sit down with #METC19 Spotlight Educator Matt Weld.  We have a great discussion around creation. Conversation went so well we split it up into two episodes.  Within this first part of our discussion we talk about the first two aspects of creation; Relationships and Opportunities.  We had a wonderful conversation about the importance of relationships. As educators we know that relationships are huge! They have tremendous effects on climate and culture and the overall growth of staff and students.  Even when we know the importance of relationships, we fail to look at what it takes to Create these relationships. From relationships we turn to creating opportunities. The opportunities we create as educators are very important.  We look at creating opportunities from an administrator perspective, a teacher perspective and also a student perspective.


Be sure to connect with Matt and check out his podcast as well!


Episode’s Guest:

Matt Weld - #METC19 Spotlight Educator - Director of Innovation and Technology for ROE Area 5 of Illinois - Teacher’s Classroom Podcast

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