Within this episode of the METC Podcast, I sit down with 2 library media specialists at Liberty High School in Liberty, MO.  Christine Anderson and Lori Riedel created a course called Digital Media Managers. Students apply for this course and learn valuable skills that they will use in the future.  Christine and Lori facilitate learning of various apps and skills with these students. The students then in turn are available to support classes within PBL activities. Throughout our conversation we talk about some wonderful teaching practices.  Students are constantly creating and bringing their ideas to life. They receive feedback from peers and teachers and then make their product better. Students don’t receive homework. Instead they know the expectations and the deadlines and work on their organization skills to get their work done.  These two library media specialists are developing future instructional technology coaches and it is amazing! Checkout their resources below and connect with them!


Episode’s Guests:


Christine Anderson - LMS - Liberty High School - christine.anderson@lps53.org


Lori Riedel - LMS - Liberty High School - lori.riedel@lps53.org


School Information: Liberty High School

Twitter: @360LMC

Facebook: Liberty High School (MO) LMC

Instagram: lhslmc7055


Episode’s Resources:


  • Course Information
  • Tutorials
  • Quick Tips
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