In this episode of the METC podcast, I talk with Roger Brallier of the Hollister School District. Roger is the Innovation Teacher and Library Media Specialist at Hollister Middle School. We talk about student communication, but the hidden topic is student voice. It was very obvious that students have a strong voice in Roger’s class and at Hollister Middle. Roger explains how his students deliver news to the whole school LIVE each morning. They start each morning at 8:01 and are finished by 8:05 to not take up too much instruction time. This quick 4 minute show includes announcements sent in by teachers through a form. Students even share the weather!

Once the show is over, the learning begins. Students receive professional development on topics that help them become better at their role within the communications class.  Students in his class are also responsible for maintaining four display monitors within the school’s cafeteria. If this wasn’t enough, students also are in charge of the school’s social media. That is some serious student voice!


Episode’s Guest: METC Spotlight Educator

Roger Brallier - Inoovation/Library Media Specialist - @MrBrallier & @HMSTigerPride

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