In this episode of the METC podcast I sit with Amy Johnson, Digital Learning Specialist for the Parkway School District. She talks about best practices in creating online learning spaces. She shares an easy to use equation to build courses that are engaging and beneficial for teachers and students. Be sure to connect with her on Twitter.


Topic Shared:

  • Design+Delivery+Content= Learning

    • Offering online experiences to students has several components. 3 categories to consider that impact learning in online spaces.

      • Design- elements that help students to be successful

        • Clear directions and expectations- in an online space students aren’t sitting with you where they can ask for clarification

        • Organization- easy to navigate and find materials and activities

        • Opportunities for interaction and collaboration

        • Integration of a variety of digital tools

      • Delivery- teacher communication with students and presence in the space with regular and timely feedback

      • Content- Evidence that standards are taught, there are opportunities for transfer and standards are assessed.

    • Without these components, you may just have a list of resources

    • We want our online learning spaces to…

      • Build community

      • Be collaborative

      • Utilized a variety of online tools

      • Be engaging

      • Offer active learning opportunities

    • For our virtual courses we have developed checklists for design elements and delivery elements that create conditions for more formal learning. We are planning to create a document that helps us evaluate the content of our courses as well.

      • These checklists hold our courses accountable for best practices in:

        • Design consistency

        • Accessibility

        • Course components

        • Human centered design

        • Standard look and feel- organization, color, language

Episode’s Guest:

Amy Johnson - Digital Learning Specialist - Parkway School District -  - @ajohnson106


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