In this episode of the METC Podcast, I talk with another #METC19 Spotlight Educator. Vicki Mikow is a Gifted Ed and STEM teacher in the Fox School district. She has been teaching for 14 years and we talked about the importance in cultivating curiosity. Vicki shares a few of the fun projects her students have worked on and used “real math” as her students have been known to put it. The culture and climate within Vicki’s classes also plays a vital role in her ability to bring out the curiosity within her students. Vicki is not afraid to try new things alongside her students. She is models her own curiosity for her students everyday.  Be sure to connect with Vicki on Twitter or reach out to her via e-mail.


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Episode’s Guest:

Vicki Mikow - Gifted Ed & STEM Teacher - Fox Middle & Ridgewood Middle - - @GiftedEduc8or

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