In this episode, I talk with Tina Lauer about a great topic, Novel Engineering.  Novel Engineering combines design thinking to your curriculum in a process that engages your students in many different key skills.  Find more information about Novel Engineering below.  Reach out and connect with Tina if you are interested in learning more and/or have questions as you begin thinking of using Novel Engineering within your classroom.


Topic Introduction:

Novel Engineering was developed by Tufts University Center for Engineering Education and Outreach and combines reading and engineering in a way that increases students’ literacy in a variety of subject areas.  As part of Novel Engineering, students create projects based on problems they have identified in novels or other content area reading selections.  The characters in the novel (or real-life people in non-fiction selections) become the “clients” and students must design prototypes that will help solve the problem(s) they have identified.

Episode’s Guest:  Tina Lauer  

  • Instructional Technology Specialist - City of St. Charles School District & Adjunct Professor at Lindenwood University

  • Contact via e-mail:

  • Twitter: @tnalau

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