Within this episode of the METC Podcast, I talk with Debbie Fucoloro from St. Margaret Mary Alacoque School.  Debbie and I talk about an educational activity that is on fire, BreakoutEDU.  BreakoutEDU requires students and/or teachers to work together to solve problems.  BreakoutEDU offers an engaging experience for all involved.  The challenges work on skills like critical thinking, communication and perseverance.  Activities can be tied into all subject areas and reach all age levels.  


Debbie shares her experiences with BreakoutEDU.  She shares how you can tie these challenges into your curriculum.  I discuss with Debbie why BreakoutEDU has been so popular.  We talk about the different skills that students focus on while completing a breakout.  Debbie shares some great resources that provide everything you might need to get started!  Many of the sites and groups are mentioned below.  Try your hand at your own Breakout soon!


This Episode’s Guest:  Debbie Fucoloro - St. Margaret Mary Alacoque School, PreK-8

  • Technology Coordinator/Instructional Technology Specialist

  • Works in their Innovation Lab

  • Twitter - @debbiefuco


BreakoutEDU website


Digital BreakoutEDU website


BreakoutEDU Facebook Group


BreakoutEDU Google+ Collaborative


Search BreakoutEDU on Pinterest to find a TON of resources!

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