METC Podcast Episode #31 - Dealing with Change

June 8, 2018

On the 31st Episode of the METC Podcast, I interview Greg Lawrence from the Wentzville School District.  Greg is the Director of Technology within his district.  We sit down and discuss change.  Change can be scary.  This is definitely true with technology.  Technology seems to change at the blink of an eye.  As educators we know that for many of us, our students tend to know more about the tech than we do.  As we change/adapt with the times, Greg lays out some key character traits that can help guide us through change.  


Thanks to Greg Lawrence for being on the podcast.  He is a fountain of knowledge, and I highly recommend following him on social media.  Check him out on Twitter and Google+.


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Episode's Guest:

Greg Lawrence - Director of Technology - Wentzville School District

@greglawrence       Greg Lawrence on Google+   

GEG of Eastern MO


Professional Development mentioned within episode:

METC Google Extravaganza - July 16-17 


METC Podcast Episode #30 - Digital Citizenship

May 25, 2018

In Episode 30 of the METC Podcast, I sit down with Stephanie Madlinger.  Stephanie is the Director of Educational Innovation & METC.  We sit down and talk about Digital Citizenship.  Stephanie is very passionate about many things EdTech, but Digital Citizenship is obviously at the top of her list.  She is completing her doctorate on the subject and has been providing professional development around dig cit for years.

Stephanie started a Digital Citizenship Day here in the St. Louis area.  This year's event will be the third annual.  Stephanie has been hosted many Student Summits throughout the state of Missouri and beyond.  Below are some of the resources and upcoming events she mentions within the episode.


Episode's Guest:

Stephanie Madlinger - Director of Educational Innovation - @cyberteacher - smadlinger@edplus,org


Resources mentioned within the episode:

METC Digital Citizenship Resources Page

Digital Citizenship Day 2018 - September 21 (information coming soon)

Digital Citizenship Student Summits - contact Stephanie Madlinger if interested in learning mroe about bringing a summit to your area.

ISTE Standards Certification


Professional Development Opportunities mentioned within episode:

ISTE Standards Certification

METC Summer Institute - with Katrina Keene & Josh Stumpenhorst


METC Workshop Proposal Submissions

METC Spotlight Educator Application Information


METC Podcast - Episode 29 - Scratch Holographic Game

April 24, 2018

In Episode 29 of the METC Podcast, I had the pleasure of sitting down with two very talented fifth grade students.  Danny and Ethan shared their current project with me.  They have spent their free time working on coding within Scratch a math review game for kindergarten and first graders.  Now this would be cool in and of itself, but these two took this activity a step further.  They have been able to repurpose a previously unused SMART table and turn it into a holographic, interactive tool meant to engage students in learning important content. 


After speaking with these two gentlemen, it was very clear that they used perseverance throughout the process to get this activity up and running.  They tested their idea at various scales prior to building their current version.  While talking with them, they were already talking about how they could make the whole experience better for their users.  Simply amazing!


Here is a link to their code within Scratch.  You can see that it is pretty sophisticated! 


Thank you to their innovation class teacher, Andy Wall for providing the time to sit with these two students.  I also would like to give their classroom teacher, Amy Maledy for allowing these students to explore their passion!


I encourage each of you to visit the Flipgrid space for this episode.  We recorded with their project in view to help give you the viewer a better understanding of what they have accomplished.  Share your thoughts and ideas.


METC Podcast - Episode 28 - EdTech Coaching

April 6, 2018

In Episode 28 of the METC Podcast, we sit down with Sadie Lewis of the Mehlville School District.  Sadie talks to us about the coaching model she uses for the staff within her district.  She shares how she came up with the process and how she manages it.  It is amazing that all if it is done within Google!  She has shared different resources.  These resources can be found within the show notes on our website at  

Are you an edtech coach?  Do you work with an edtech coach?  Share your experience and thoughts on our Flipgrid!

Thank you for listening to this episode.  Check out a previous episode!


METC Podcast - Episode 27 - Google Expeditions AR

March 23, 2018

This is the first episode of Season 2 of the METC Podcast.  When we began this podcast, we interviewed students at the METC Student SHOWcase at the METC conference.  To begin this season, we thought it would be great to interview students again! 


In this episode we sit down with students and staff that were able to experience the Google Expeditions AR Pioneer Program.  This was an amazing opportunity for these students.  Their faces said it all!  You can checkout it out on Twitter #GoogleARExpeditions.


If you get the opportunity to bring this to your building, I highly recommend it!


METC Podcast Season 2 Update

February 24, 2018

Here is an update on the METC Podcast as we prepare for Season 2.  Subscribe to receive updates on new content coming soon!


METC Podcast - Episode #26 - K-12 Computer Science

January 31, 2018

In episode 26 of the METC Podcast, I talk with Bob Deneau of the Rockwood School District in St. Louis County Missouri.  We discuss the importance of having computer science & programming opportunities across the curriculum in K-12 education.  As the needs of a highly technical workforce continue to evolve, schools face the task of preparing students for this new future. At the center of innovation is automation, machine learning, cloud computer, artificial intelligence, and our app/web connected connected lives. Giving students the skills to thrive in this environment is paramount to their success. How are schools meeting these needs?

Bob and I talk about curriculum resources for both primary and secondary.  Bob shares some of the authentic student experiences he has been able to provide the students in his district.  We also talk about some of the challenges educators face in integrating computer science into curriculum, especially the core subjects.  

Be sure to connect with Bob to learn more about K-12 computer science! He will be a valuable resource!

 Episode's Flipgrid Link

Episode’s Guest:

Robert Deneau - STEM Coordinator - Rockwood School District - @itechbob  


Episode’s Promo

South Central Google Mania - April 11 & 12 - Mountain View, MO - More Information & Register Here


METC Podcast - Episode #25 - Wentzville Film Festival

January 11, 2018

In Episode #24 of the METC Podcast, we sit down with Samantha and Amanda of the Wentzville School District to talk about their annual Film Festival.  These two amazing instructional technology coaches give us the ins and outs of how they got their Film Festival started.  These two were kind enough to share their e-mail and twitter information, so reach out to them if you have specific questions to bring a student-led Film Festival to your school or district!


Share your thoughts & ideas! - Episode Flipgrid


Episode’s Guests:


Samantha Hardesty Knoll:


Amanda Moody:



Wentzville Film Festival website


Connect with METC!

Twitter - @METCedplus

Facebook - @METCedplus

Instagram - @METCedplus

YouTube - Midwest Edtech Community (METC)


METC Podcast - Episode #24 - Leveraging Community Partnerships and Funding Opportunities

December 20, 2017

In Episode 24 of the METC Podcast, we sit down with Shannon Steimel from the Lift for Life Academy in St. Louis, Missouri.  Shannon talks to us about the importance of leveraging community partnership within the school setting.  Shannon shares how she has been able to partner with some local start-ups and organizations to really create a win-win for all involved.  Shannon also shares the different ways she has been able to get funding for various projects within her school!  


She provides some great ideas and tips to get your project or idea funded and off the ground!  Check out the resources below and reach out to Shannon for additional questions!


Episode’s Special Guest: Shannon Steimel - @ShannonSteimel

Episode’s Resources:


1904 Labs:

Parkway Spark Program:

ITEF grant: Due Jan 31

Monsanto Fund grants:

Donor's Choose Match Offers:

Check out Shannon’s page on Donor's Choose to see some of the projects I've gotten funded:

2018 METC Conference - Pre-Conference Session:

Rae Hughart @RaeHughart is leading the Community Connections METC18 precon


METC Podcast - Episode #23 - Being Curious

December 14, 2017

Within Episode 23 of the METC Podcast, I sit down with Kelly Oliva.  Kelly is a High School Librarian/media specialist.  She also is a 2018 METC Spotlight Educator!  She talks to us about being curious!  Kelly has read over 80 books this year! She shares the different resources she uses to get to that large number each year.  She also shares a few of the adventures she has been on as a result of her continued love for being curious!


It is our hope that this episode will spark your curiosity!  As you read new books, we hope you let your curiosity take on new adventures.  As you experience these adventures, feel free to share them on the METC Podcast Flipgrid page at  We would love to hear all about it!


Episode’s Guest

Kelly Oliva - High School Librarian at Liberty High School in Wentzville, MO - @kellydoliva

Check out her blog at -


Episode’s Resources


Good Reads